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Say goodbye to your pet, the difficult choice of euthanasia


Jan 7, 2023
Say goodbye to your pet

The question of euthanasia is difficult to face and the decision to end a life, however painful it may be, sometimes turns out to be inevitable.

Euthanasia is a veterinary operation that involves causing the death of an animal. This decision is made by the owner, accompanied by his veterinarian. This alternative to suffering can be taken in several cases: an old and/or sick animal to stop significant pain (osteoarthritis, infections, agony etc.), or, more rarely, in the case of a very aggressive dog, who would threaten the safety of those around him and if no other possibility has been found.

Make the decision

Choosing to end the life of a loved one to save them from suffering can be the most difficult to face .

In reality, it is an ultimate gesture of love to resign oneself to it and allow him to leave with dignity . To help you in this decision, you can ask yourself if your animal still has the capacity to live pleasant moments and to enjoy them (running after a ball, walking in the forest, playing with members of the household, etc.). If these moments are no longer foreseen for him, it may be time to let him go. Euthanasia can be an alternative to suffering which only the owner of the dog can decide.

Your veterinarian accompanies you in this step and you can trust him. He can more neutrally observe the suffering of an animal that continues to live. If you have any doubts about this decision, you can seek the advice of a second veterinarian to help you make the right choice.

Do not hesitate to talk about it with those around you and with the members of the household close to the animal. This decision must be accepted and understood by all . It is particularly important to talk about it with the youngest and to explain to them the reasons for this decision.

tell him goodbye

Between the moment the decision is made and the appointment with the vet can take a few days. This time is essential for you and the whole family to say goodbye to the animal . This step is important because it helpsĀ  control normal, healthy feelings of grief, pain, and sense of loss.

Different emotions may surface, such as sadness, worry, guilt, or anger . These feelings are normal, whether before or before euthanasia. A last evening with the animal can be planned, with the whole family. Talking to him, reassuring him, and saying loving words to him can be a nice goodbye. Your animal feels your emotions, you can explain to him what will come , that he will leave but that everything will be fine and that you will be there for him.

For children, it may be easier to express themselves through drawings, written words, do not hesitate to communicate with them to help them in this moment. If during this period, if you have doubts or misunderstandings, do not hesitate to speak with your veterinarian so that he can reassure you and help you through this stage. The NIDOO cocoon can help children express themselves before the home burial ceremony.

You can talk about it with your veterinarian to better understand the act itself. For some people, staying with their companion and seeing it die out is psychologically too difficult.

Know that, for your pet, you are the only person who reassures him and gives him confidence . If you know your pet may be stressed or worried, your presence can help them relax. In this case, you can pet him or hold him in your arms while he falls asleep. Accompanying him in his last breath is the most gift you can give him .

At this moment, the animal only needs its master, leaving it alone with the veterinarian in a stressful environment can be very destabilizing for the animal, which also feels that the end is near.

Be careful, however, that your presence does not worry him more, your companion can sense your stress and your emotion, which can affect him.

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