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Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Discusses the Ways to Slice Boiled Eggs Without Breaking the Yolk


Feb 28, 2023
Slice Boiled Eggs Without Breaking the Yolk

Eggs are found in almost every kitchen, and can be made into a delicious dish solely by themselves. There are many ways one can prepare high quality eggs from Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania, like scrambled, omelet, fried and so on. Boiling them, however, is the healthiest way to enjoy eggs. Boiled eggs are tasty and just take a few minutes to cook.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania marks the ways to make perfectly sliced boiled eggs

While cooking boiled eggs is not too hard, slicing them can be quite difficult. Slicing hard-boiled eggs into wedges can get a bit messy, and often results in crumbled yolks. To prevent this, one can just buy a good egg slicer. This device comes in varying shapes and sizes today.

Egg slicers have really thin blades that can cut through eggs without any problem. They can also be used to slice tomatoes, soft cheese and certain small fruits. Egg slicers have varying designs, and cater to a myriad of needs. Some of them even have up to five functions, and are the best possible tool to achieve clean slices from boiled eggs. Egg slicers are durable, portable and compact. They feature stainless steel that act as blades. It is pretty easy to wash this tool and it generally is dishwasher friendly as well. All a person has to do is to follow the instructions on how to use the specific egg slicer; each one tends to come with its own specification and features. While using a basic egg slicer, one just has to place their egg on the device and lower the side with the blades into it. This will save a lot of time as the egg gets sliced into multiple uniform pieces in one swift motion. With more advanced egg slicers, one gets the choice of cutting their eggs in multiple ways. They can get dice, wedges or simple slices, depending on the blades being used.

Even with the many advantages of egg slicers, there are a lot of people who do not want to invest in a separate tool to just slice their eggs. Hence, it will be prudent for them to use unflavored floss to do the job. As many homes are likely to have floss in their bathroom, they wouldn’t have to bear any extra expense for it. Simply buying good quality eggs from a farm like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania and boiling them would be enough.

Floss tends to be pretty sharp and has the capacity to seep between tiny openings. This feature makes it a great tool to cleanly slice a boiled egg.  This simple step would help people get a clean slice without much of effort. However, exerting excess pressure during the process must be avoided, as doing so can break the yolk. It is also vital to avoid using a flavored floss to slice the eggs as it may alter the taste of the eggs.

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