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Adverse Side Effects of Flu Vaccines – What You Must Know


Apr 25, 2023
Effects of Flu Vaccines

The flu vaccine invites plenty of side effects. Though the effects are moderate, yet they can be severe sometimes. The adverse reaction to the flu shot lasts only for a day or two at the maximum. Out of these, the pain and swelling at the injection site are the most common. There is redness and soreness. The flu vaccines may also lead to specific, extremely difficult allergies for some people. 

In a nutshell, the flu vaccine causes effects and symptoms almost similar to that of the flu. The reason is that the flu vaccine is nothing but an attenuated version of the virus causing the flu. It is administered to help the body prepare the antibodies against flu antigens so that when the body encounters real-time flu antigens, the memory B cells can induce the cascade of antibody reaction. This is how most all vaccines work. 

General Side Effects of Flu Shots

Vaccines are a boon of science and help humans overcome many diseases. However, each one of them has some common and specialised side effects. Here are some common adverse reactions to the flu vaccine that most people encounter after the shot. These side effects are pretty general, and they do not need any particular prefixed physiological conditions to set in:

Pain and Swelling in the arms at the location of vaccine administration. The arm swells up, and there is redness followed by intense pain.

Feeling exhausted after the vaccine. This feeling may include sleepiness and drowsiness throughout.

Chills and fever with aches. Fever is a common after-effect of a flu shot. You can suffer from high fever with intense body aches. The incidence of fever after a flu shot is observed in almost 8 out of 10 cases. The fever will resemble that of the flu fever. The temperature remains at 37.8 degrees centigrade or above.

The person feels general unwellness and always seems to be drowned in energy and the will to work. This feeling may be tackled by a dose or two of paracetamol.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the flu vaccines are totally safe for administration.

Serious Adverse Reactions to Flu Shots

Let us now discuss the symptoms in detail. The idea is to enhance awareness about the probable adverse reactions to flu vaccines and know when to connect with the physicians:

Side effects are familiar with the flu shots, but sometimes there are severe side effects of the flu vaccines.

High Fever

Fever is often considered a general side effect of the flu vaccines. However, sometimes the temperature may rise above 102 or 103 degrees Fahrenheit. This situation can be troublesome, especially for the kids. Though adults also face similar situations, the condition is worse for the kids. Along with high fever, actions must be swift if the patient experiences other symptoms such as headache, cough and cold or muscle pain. In this scenario, call the doctor immediately and get the medicines in place. Paracetamol can be the best SOS in conditions of mild to high fever. 

Severe Allergies

This one is probably the most dreaded adverse reaction to the flu vaccine. If you are already allergic to certain chemicals or food, avoid them during this period. The IgG levels are high in specific individuals. If you often face severe allergic outbursts, including sneezing, hay fever, or asthma, it is better to consult your general physician before you opt for the vaccines. This is one of the crucial steps. Your body may not be fully prepared for a flu shot; if not, it is best to avoid it for the time being. 

Some of the most dreaded symptoms of severe allergy after a flu shot may include:

Trouble in Breathing



Hives on skin


Heart rate becoming faster

Redness and extreme itching on the skin

Call the doctor immediately if you encounter any of these symptoms after a flu shot. In rare cases, some patients may go through Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a neurologic disorder. 

If you or any of your family members have ever encountered adverse reactions to flu shots, you must know that the country has several vaccine injury compensation laws. Under these laws, you can claim compensation from the state under appropriate jurisdiction for the physiological, psychological and work loss suffered as an adverse reaction or side effect of any vaccine. This applies to almost all vaccines administered in the public domain. Under the freedom of choice, citizens can also opt for vaccine exemption. If your institute or organization demands any stringent vaccination rules, you can have the vaccine injury or exemption lawyer help you legally fight the problem. Connect to the best vaccine injury lawyers in the state to get the best compensation for any post-vaccine injury. 

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