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How to recycle your old bathrobe?


Jan 7, 2023
your old bathrobe

Alright, let me explain. Do you also have old clothes that accumulate in your closets and more precisely one or two (or even three, we can never have too many) bathrobes that have made their way honorably … am I wrong?

Are you also a bit of the type to have trouble with the word “throw away” when it concerns a bathrobe you fell in love with and which brings back such good memories?

But do not panic ! I went to find out about some little tricks to keep the soul of our bathrobes alive by recycling them .

Why recycle your old bathrobe?

Over the past few years, our relationship to fashion has changed a lot. We are more and more concerned about how and where the clothes we buy are produced and we have a real interest in how to change our way of consuming better .

For those who are or wish to participate in this awareness movement, here are some reasons that could greatly motivate you to give new life to your bathrobe.

To give a new life to a bathrobe that we have more than cherished

Well maybe not a love story but an almost fusional relationship with the latter? Do you think I’m exaggerating a little too much? Alright, alright…maybe a little.

However, you will agree with me that the choice to have taken a bathrobe rather than a simple towel is not trivial anyway…

We even love to snuggle up in something soft and warm in winter. Moreover, in summer, what could be better than wrapping ourselves in something light and fluid that leaves us free to move?

It is precisely because it has been close to us at all times of the year that we simply cannot throw it away…

To save money and afford a new, softer and more comforting bathrobe

And yes, you won’t believe it but you can do a lot , a lot of things by recycling a used bathrobe (be patient, you’ll find out everything a little later)! Both a great kitchen sponge and a beach bag for this summer…

Just with a single worn bathrobe you can make three or even four everyday things that you buy constantly… say thank you to your old bathrobe !

To consume more responsibly

In addition to being in a society that continues to push for overconsumption, the figures regarding the environmental impact in the field of textiles and fashion are not very good. However, if it is not already the case, you can face this overconsumption ! How ? By simple everyday gestures or by recycling your nightwear . So you can be proud to have participated in the preservation of natural resources and the reduction of pollution 🙂

Before talking about recycling, I still wanted to share some tips with you to keep your bathrobes soft and shiny for as long as possible. A love story lasts longer when you lay a good foundation, right

Tip #1: Wash your bathrobe before using it for the first time.

In order to activate the soft and absorbent power of your bathrobe, it needs to be washed several times. Also, if you have just been offered a thick, dark-colored bathrobe, it may need disgorging for at least 3 washes. We therefore advise you to use wipes to retain excess color during the machine wash cycle.

Tip #2 Follow the instructions written on the label of your nightgown carefully.

In addition to our advice, it is important to refer to the instructions on the label of your nightwear in order to maintain it as well as possible.

Tip #3: Be reasonable about the amount of detergent for washing.

Overdosing the washing liquid will not make your bathrobe cleaner or silkier. I know that for some this may seem satisfactory, but think about the well-being of your bathrobe and follow the instructions on your laundry products.

Tip #4: Fabric softener is not your bathrobe’s best friend

Contrary to what you might think, adding fabric softener …doesn’t soften your sleepwear any more. On the contrary, it reduces the absorbency of the fabric!

Tip #5: Baking soda can be your bathrobe’s best friend

Add a little baking soda to preserve and even revive the colors of your beloved bathrobe. Whether cotton, fleece, satin or pilou pilou, baking soda is suitable for all textiles .

Tip #6: Marseille soap for your baby’s bathrobe

If after all these little tips your bathrobe is getting old, don’t blame yourself! The section just below will allow you to do some small miracles with your nightwear.

What to do with my old bathrobe?

As said a little above, it is possible to transform your old bathrobe into many things. Both in decoration for the living room and in kitchen accessories through toys for our animal friends or in fashion accessories and even to make or have your children make unimaginable things!

A nightwear that was probably worn by an interior designer

Let’s talk a bit about decoration. Your home is missing something but you don’t know what? We know! A soft bath mat for your feet after getting out of the bath!

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